Zagreb lives all year round, and not only during the summer months.

Explore Upper town – Zagreb’s upper town is a truly romantic part of Zagreb. It’s never overcrowded, and it’s full of secret passages, small museums, art galleries, and fun bars.

Shop at Zagreb’s farmer’s markets – Markets are an integral part of Zagreb lifestyle. Vibrant, noisy, and lively, they are the best places to feel a local vibe.

Explore Zagreb parks and forests – Zagreb has a lot of green areas, parks and forests within city limits. Some, like Tuškanac, or Dubravkin put you can reach within a 10 minute walk from the main square.

Sip a coffee… for hours – Nowhere is coffee culture so strong, so obvious, so important as it is in Zagreb. Beautiful outdoor terraces are always full regardless of a time of day you pass by.

Hit the clubs – Nightlife in Zagreb is great, and diverse. No matter what kind of music you like, you’ll find your place at Zagreb’s lively night scene.

Cycle at the lake Jarun – People of Zagreb love this lake, and it’s one of the most popular recreational areas in the town.

Make memories – whether you are up for walks, coffee, museums or clubs, make sure to create some lovely memories you’ll take back home with you!