Before they wiped your memory, YOU MADE A PLAN, and all you have is an envelope with a few seemingly mundane items that you have sent to yourself…​​ put the pieces of the “puzzle” together and get your memory back. Can you remember?

  • Duration: 75 min
  • Players: 2-5
  • Difficulty: moderate 4/5
  • Language: Croatian or English
  • 📍 Allcom Ltd. office
  • Address: Ul. kneza Borne 12


  • Logical reasoning 50%
  • Searching 20%
  • Gadgets and mechanisms 20%
  • Math 5%
  • Dexterity 5%
2 players= 50,00 €
3 players= 60,00 €
4 players= 70,00 €
5 players= 80,00 €
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escape room zagreb 75min game

The evil corporation you worked for fired you and erased your memory… You find yourself in your former office, completely disorientated and with no memory, and all you have is several everyday items that you have sent to yourself.

Before your memory was erased you developed a plan that will enable you to escape the country with your money. Can you remember that plan, figure out what happened to you and find everything you need to escape?

75 minutes apart you from the rest of your life. Can you solve the puzzle and escape to freedom, or will you count the rest of your days behind bars?

Prepare yourself to step into the world of detectives and mystery, unusual surrounding and mysterious atmosphere. MEMENTO will make everyone think logically and snoop like a detective. Original scenery, complex tasks and tense environment will inspire you to explore and discover a kid detective in you. 


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