Start your own escape room business!

“If you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life!”


When we started the whole project we couldn’t even imagine that in just 18 months we’ll become an escape room franchise, little less, Croatia’s first. How did we make it, and how much work is behind it we are well aware, and we are happy to help you start your own escape room and become a part of our ClueGo family.

In the recent research (March 2019.) which included over 3,000 escape room centers in the world and ranked them by an average rating of their users, Cluego Escape Rooms was positioned at the 16th place of the 100 best escape room centers in the world and as the best one in Croatia:

To our potential partners we can offer several options:

  • Creating an escape room scenario by the client’s idea
  • Adopting one of our existing scenarios


  • One-time – fixed amount
  • In annuities – fixed amount or percentage

Each option comes with our full support during the entire life-time of your escape room business. If you decide to become a part of our family, we will:

  • create a scenario for you and help you make and install the room
  • include you in the scenario making process in form of your suggestions, wishes, and preferences.
  • educate you and your colleagues on how to run the game and make the best experience possible for the players
  • advise you on marketing, promotion and advertising to maximize the number of visitor and profit
  • be at your disposal during the entire lifetime of your escape room business

Advantages of our offer:

  • Great profit potential
  • Small initial investment
  • Complete know-how to avoid beginners’ mistakes
  • Low operating cost
  • Short return investment period
  • Full support during your business


Who can play escape games and who are most common players?

Our games can play almost everyone. Some scenarios are not recommended for players under 15, but most of the games can be played by players from 8 to 88 y.o.

The most common age group of our players is between 23 and 40 y.o. Young working people, then families, students, companies, groups of friends.

What's attendance like for escape room?

Attendance depends on many factors – location, micro location, city size, environment, marketing and promotion, competition …

What we can say with certainty is that if you devote time and effort, you can definitely become a successful escape room. With us as partners you will have full support and our know-how, and we will advise you on marketing, how to increase the number of players and maximize your profit.

The average occupancy (In Croatia) of the single scenario escape room is 3-6 groups on weekends, and 1-3 groups during the week (per day). The average price of the game is arround 50€ – do the math.

Which scenario should I choose?

If you want to quickly start your escape room, our suggestion is to choose one of our existing, tried and tested scenarios.

If you prefer something unique, linked to the legends of your city, or you just want to create an escape room from your own idea, then we can consider adapting our existing scenarios

(for example, our “Garestin Witch” with little adaptation can easily become your local legend eg Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent or the Blair Witch)

or making a completely new, original scenario.

How long can I run the same scenario / game?

There is really no expiration date. As long as there are players who haven’t played your room, you can run the same scenario.

Almost all existing escape rooms in Croatia have the same rooms since their opening (4+ years). Depending in which city you are opening escape room, and how big the population is, and whether it is a tourist destination; one scenario can be active for years.

How much time will I need to open an escape room?

If you choose one of our existing scenarios, you will need between 6-8 weeks to create/build your own room.

If we create a unique and original script by your idea, we will need 4-6 weeks to prepare the script, and then you can start building the room.

How to start an escape room business from scratch?

We could talk about the subject for hours. The Escape Room is a brand new branch in the entertainment industry and is growing tremendously fast, expanding everywhere and developing on a daily basis; but as in any other industry, basic rules apply – if you want to succeed, set the goal and be committed, you will get the results.

When starting an escape room, questions are countless. We know! We’ve been through the whole process, and we’ll be happy to help you answer any questions regardless whether you become our partners.

Can I create an escape room in any space?

You can create an Escape Room in almost any space that meets some basic requirements (sanitary node, installation, min. surface).

If you already have the space in which you want to run the escape room, we can advise you on the eventual adaptations and interior design, and help you integrate your scenarios into space.

If you have not yet selected the space in which you will be running your escape room, we can help you with the selection by advising you on the necessary prerequisites, depending on the number of rooms you want to open, the expansion plans, and the scenarios you are choosing.

How big capital investment do I need to start an escape room business?

The amount of capital is very variable. If you are considering to open your own escape room (without buying a franchise) then the price of all mistakes you will inevitably make is quite high.

If you plan on buying escape room franchise, you can be sure that you will only invest in the business itself (the franchise owner has already paid for all the mistakes ).

Starting an escape room can range from € 5-10 (000) up to € 30,000 depending on the number of scenarios/rooms you wish to open with, and what you want to achieve.

If you are just starting your escape room business adventure, we suggest that you choose scenarios that are less costly for the first room and with which you can create exceptional experience for your players.

For example – MEMENTO is a scenario that does not have a high cost of making, but it is extremely creative and one of the best rated rooms in Zagreb, while we needed a bigger budget for the Secret of Professor Balthazar because we used more electronics, technology and it has more complex scenography.

How much is the franchise fee?

Franchise fee is a matter of agreement. Depends on whether you would like to pay a one-time fee when you start your escape room business, or annuities (monthly, quarterly, annually).

The fee also depends on the number of rooms / scenarios you’d like to acquire when you start your business.

With one-time payment and acquisition of 2 or more scenarios we can grant you a discount.

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

The most important benefit of all is that you become part of the ClueGo Escape Rooms & Adventures family.

We are a brand that has become recognizable and established on the market in just 18 months. We hold the 4th place of all “fun and games” attractions in Zagreb (and we continue to grow), we managed to become the FIRST CROATIAN ESCAPE ROOM FRANCHISE and be rewarded by our players (TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the 2018)

If you become part of our ClueGo family you can be assured that you will represent a quality, recognizable and successful brand.

For more info get in touch by e-mail, or give us a call!