Zagreb is a magical place during the Christmas Advent; it truly turns into a winter wonderland. The city comes to life with the lovely sounds of jingle bells and Christmas classics played all over the city, various concerts and musicals, performances, workshops and exhibitions for kids and people of all ages. Not to mention all the food it has to offer on literally every corner of the street, including roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, fresh fritters, homemade sausages are just few that come to mind.

With all of these exciting Advent exhibitions, it is no surprise why Zagreb is the new Advent superstar in Europe. The city offers a unique atmosphere for everyone that just must be experienced. More and more tourists from all over the world are making Zagreb their top destination to spend the winter holidays, especially during the Christmas season. Having experienced this wonderful event myself, I have to tell you it is one of a kind! It is fun, safe and full of life! Every corner you walk makes you feel very warm and cozy inside, it just simply an incredible experience that you must try for yourself.

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